Sunday, July 4, 2010

If I were a boy........

my parents were going to name me William Douglas.....just sayin....... Is it only women that get the meaning of this song? Wondering.....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Is it so wrong.....

that I want...... no, make that .."must have" one of these..... NOW!!!!! I am such a girl.

Cry Baby

I finally went to see Toy Story 3....... by myself. Why did I go by myself you ask? Because every adult I know, both male and female, has admitted to bawling like a baby at this movie. I am not a public cryer so I grabbed myself some snacks and went to a late night showing and cryed my eyes out in semi-privacy. It is a great movie if you have not seen it. But be warned... you will cry, unless you are heartless and have no soul.

Friday, July 2, 2010

So I was wrong.......

we are now under water. I am sure the pecan trees are loving it though and I won't have to water the grass and plants for at least a week. No outside plans this weekend. We will have to move the 4th of July festivites indoors. Happy 4th of July everybody!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oreo Koi

Oreo Koi, originally uploaded by "Lah-Rah".

I don't know why I love this little guy so much. I took this at the Japanese Water Garden in San Antonio awhile back. I would love to find one with these markings to put in my pond.

Cone of Uncertainty = Job Security

Hurricane remnants in Houston???? My Ass!! We got all of two drops of rain... maybe 4 at the most. What a bust! Crap! I now have to water the grass and plants......oh well. Now you know why people don't evacuate or prepare when a real disaster is bearing down upon them. They have been lied to over and over and just don't believe "them" anymore. We still have a 50 percent chance of rain over the next two days so I am holding out some hope for a shower or two. Of course, you have to consider that the 90 percent chance of rain yielded the four drops so I am not holding my breath.