Friday, November 21, 2008

Late for the party.....

Apparently I have been living under a rock or something. Am I the only one in this fashion conscious world that did not know about this place? Jeesh!!! I have been a big fan of for years and years. You can't beat the selection, size availability, free shipping, free returns, and all the bells and whistles that you find on their site. I used to find fantastic deals on shoes there and I happily pressed the "add to cart" button with enthusiastic glee. Awhile back I noticed that they did not have too much on sale anymore. The shoes I wanted were still $100 or more with out a sale price in sight. Bummer! No more big deliveries of shoes for me at those prices.

I have been needing a new pair of shoes for work and I have been dreading looking for them since 1. I am in penny pinching mode and the brand I was looking for starts at about $120 a pair (comfort is not cheap people!!) 2. I have size 10 feet. You can't find size 10 in just any store. They are always sold out or they are exceptionally ugly. 3. The nearest DSW is 1 hour away. So, I decide to check out my options online...... Zappos, Piperlime, Grapevine Hill,, Gotham City...... all too expensive or nothing that I like until... dum da da dummmmmm! I stumble onto 6 The prices! The selection! Total heaven!!! I suddenly start to realize that this place looks an awful lot like, only without all the extras. I do a little research on the web and smack me upside the head... they are part of the same company! So this is where all my little bargains have been sent to.... I can't believe I have found this place!!!!!!

I bought 7 pairs for what 2 and a half pairs would have cost me somewhere else. This could be dangerous. I must...... be .......strong!!!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The good, the bad, and the ugly

My weekend in a nutshell...........

The Good- So, I decided it was time to straighten the linen closet (what a fun and exciting life I lead!) since I could never find a matching set of anything. I got everything separated and organized but somehow I was missing about six sets of pillowcases. I have four pillows on my bed (two standard and two king) so everytime I buy a new set of sheets, I have to buy an extra set that matches so that I end up with enough. I must have forgotten to get enough sets at one point. If you know me well enough, you already know that not having the whole pillowcase situation under control is going to be driving me crazy. I figured that if I was completely lucky, I might be able to find some at Marshalls or TJ Maxx for under $20 a set.... big emphasis on the "lucky" part. I like nice things so even though I am "frugal" (most of the time), I was not going to just run on over to Target and buy the first thing I saw. I wanted the good stuff at a good price. Later on that day, I wandered into a Tuesday Morning (the mecca of overpriced sheets and linens) and I stumbled onto a whole display of high thread count (600 count!) pillowcases in every color of the rainbow for $4.99 a set! Score!!!!!! How lucky is this?

The Bad- I have been needing some new workout pants and I had finally found some online at Old Navy and the price was definitely right. $5.99!!!!!!!!!! I am usually not too keen on Old Navy but I had bought a pair of these pants before and the quality and fit was not too bad so I did not hesitate to buy a few pair.... OK, I bought 15 of them... the price was right... so sue me. About 6 hours after I place the order, I get a coupon for 30% off all Old Navy purchases. Crap!!!!

The Ugly- A couple of months ago, I broke down and bought some of those recycled shopping bags to bring into the grocery store so that I could cut back on using plastic bags. I had always thought that the whole idea was kinda stupid and I always questioned the people who lugged them into the store to shop with but I must say that I have enjoyed using them. They are easier to carry, hold more stuff, and are helping the environment. The only trick is to actually remember to bring them into the store. I ended up buying about 15 bags from a particular store that I shall call "Store X." Now, if you are a snob, you probably do not like "Store X" but I really don't care... the bags were sturdy and 50 cents less than those sold elsewhere. So, since I was nowhere near a "Store X" on Sunday, I marched into "Store Y" with my trusty "Store X" bags not thinking a thing about it. When I got to the checkout lane, the assistant manager, yes the assistant manager, came waltzing over and made a rude comment about how I had dared to bring a "Store X" bag into his store. WTF??? He was joking of course but it was in a semi -condescending way. Am I supposed to buy a different set of bags for each store that I am shopping in? Not going to happen people! I pretty much told him that he should be happy that I had chosen to shop there and to shut the hell up. What a jerk!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

What a girl wants....

I don't ask for much (LIAR!!!), but guys, you would be amazed at how much this kind of stuff turns a woman on. Even I can do almost all of the things on this list. You can tell that the article must have been written by a man though, because if a woman had been the one writing the article it would have been 1,001 things instead of just 100. A man who knows how to fix things is definitely cool in my book. :-P

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Children Of The Corn

This photo was featured in an article taken from a reputable national woman's magazine that showed different gift suggestions for pre-schoolers. Pre-schoolers.... not tarted up 7th graders!!!! Do these look like any pre-schoolers that you know????? Actually, the more you look at them, they are really kind of freaky looking. They kind of resemble the faces that you get when they morph two celebrities to get an idea of what their children would look like if they ever reproduced.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Gasp! Shock! Amazed!

On November 6th at approximately 5:20 pm... I saw it with my own eyes........ Christmas decorations in somebody's front yard!!!!!! We are talking a full out Christmas extravaganza with no bush, tree or decorateable surface left uncovered. WTH????? What is wrong with these people?!?!? Thanksgiving does not stand a chance.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It never fails....

You would think that I would have learned by now......... if you go out in public looking like crap, there is a 100% chance that you are going to run into someone that you know. After a day of working in the yard, a four hour trip in the car to College Station and back, and cleaning my bathroom..... I made the mistake of thinking that I could get away with a quick trip to Super Target to pick up a few things. I was too tired to take a shower and change my clothes ( I was going to shower and change into my pjs as soon as I got back) so I figured that my flat hair, old capri pants, flip flops, blotchy pale skin (yes, you can be blotchy and pale at the same time!) and ratty old UCLA t-shirt would just have to do.

I was minding my own business, whipping down the aisles and headed toward the front of the store when I made the terrible error of stopping in the kitchen section to see if they had an Egg McMuffin maker (mine stopped working and I was having Egg McMuffin withdrawal.) Alas, no McMuffin maker but Idid find myself face to face with an old co-worker. Unfortunately we made eye contact so I could not exactly "pretend" that I had not seen her. I had to put up with 10 minutes of uncomfortable conversation with her. I knew I looked like hell and she certainly must have been thinking "Boy does she look like crap! Hee! Hee!" I was in total misery!!!! I finally escaped with some lame excuse about having to be somewhere else and got the hell out of there. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Repeat after me... I will not go out in public looking like crap again... I will not go out in public looking like crap again......