Friday, February 22, 2008

Long, long, boring day...........

Fridays at work can be the worst. Of course, being "Friday", you would think there would be some excitement since it is almost the weekend and all..... but there is absolutely NOTHING going on here.

The campus pretty much shuts down around noon on Friday, so there are not as many students around and most of the offices....except ours, close early too. I have basically spent my day answering calls from students cancelling their appointments, surfing the internet, reading magazines, surfing the internet, waiting for students who are apparently not going to show up, surfing the internet, looking for recipes on the internet, and staring at people walking by my office.

The highlight of my day was a little incident watching the Dean in the office across the hall try to get in his door. He stood there about 5 minutes ,while on the cell phone, looking frustrated and confused as to why he could not get in. They changed the locks on all the doors in the building about 3 months ago and I guess nobody bothered to tell him since his secretary is usually there to open up the office and even she is not there today. Did I help him? No..... cause I am mean like that..... just kidding people.... Jeesh!!! Security helped him out eventually. :)

My co-worker took a day of vacation today so there is nobody here to even chat with. I can't even leave for lunch since I have 7 appointments scheduled (2 which have already cancelled) and they are all staggered just so that I can't even get out of here for even 30 minutes. I brought my lunch which was nasty ham sandwich that tasted like a plastic baggie, some little chocolate rice cakes, and two mandarin oranges. I could only gag down a couple of bites of the "plastic" sandwich so I am still hungry!! I am definitely a "hot lunch" type of person. I need food!!!!!

Maybe the weather is the reason for all the emptiness and silence around here. People just want to stay home and be warm. Hell, that is where I would be if given the choice. Oh well, two hours and 36 minutes until I go home. There better not be any last minute students trying to wander in this office needing help because I am leaving on time today people!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


There are very few "brand name" foods that I am addicted to. Generic foods like pizza, cupcakes, enchiladas... they are of course my favorites, but almost any brand will do. I also like chocolate, no..... love chocolate, but almost any kind of chocolate is fine with me. The only exception to this rule is Joseph Schmidt truffles. I first tried one at a Marshall Fields while I was in high school. Big mistake!!!!!My favorites are the mushrooms and the cherry bombs. The mushroom consists of white chocolate sprinkled with cocoa powder and a delicious amaretto filling. I never get tired of these things. Yum!!! Cherry bombs are basically an oversize cherry cordial. I don't actually eat the cherry part though, that is just gross. They are incrediably rich and a little of this goes a long way.
Thankfully, the nearest source is about 45 minutes away and they are about $2 a pop so I have to REALLY want one to go through the effort and expense. I think the last time I bought some was about three years ago and I bought 5 mushrooms and 1 cherry bomb. We won't even go into how long they lasted.......

Friday, February 1, 2008

Free Pass...

I was hanging out with a male friend last night, talking about nothing in particular, when the subject of a "free pass" came up. I asked him what a free pass was, thinking maybe I was gonna get a free concert ticket or something....yes, I am that naive!!!, and he told me that a free pass was a list of people (usually celebrities or people that you will probably never meet in real life) that you would be willing to "hook up" with. Ok...........

Theoretically, your current boyfriend/girlfriend is aware of your free pass list and if you were to happen to be in a situation where a person on your free pass list were to proposition you, you would have "permission" from your significant other to be with a person on your free pass list. The free pass list can't include people you are around in your everyday life..... that could really screw up a relationship, but it is a way of sharing your fantasies with your significant other in a harmless way.

I was willing to play along, so I told him to give me a few minutes to think about it. I asked him about his list, and what his girlfriend thought about the names on his list. His list (in no particular order) included: Jessica Alba, Vanessa Minillo, Scarlett Johannsen (no comment!!), Rachel Bilson, and Angelina Jolie. I kinda had to laugh beacuse his list was all over the place, but hey, to each his own. He said his girlfriend has given him complete permission to fullfill his fantasy if the opportunity ever occurred (like it ever would!!)

After giving it great thought, I have come up with the following people that I would put on my "free pass"list. The reasons these people are on my list are varied, I can't even say exactly what attracts me to them but they all have are kind of similiar physically. Here they are in no particular order........

  1. Dane Cook- He is cute in a boy next door type of way. He is tall and has a little bit of meat on him. I like some muscles on a guy, especially arms and shoulders, but I am not into guys that are too"built." I get his style of humor and he looks like he would make a great father. There is not a girl out there who does not love him!!!

  2. Dr. Drew Pinsky- Something about his extreme intelligence attracts me. He is smart but he looks like he has a sense of humor too. He also has great arms lurking underneath those button down shirts that he wears.

  3. John Rzeznik- Love the dimple and the bad boy image. He seems intelligent and fun and "with it." Also has great arms!!

  4. Adam Levine- He looks like he could be a total jerk, but he is still cute. Prefer him with the shaved head look.

  5. Marcus Schenkenberg, Jeff Pickel, Brian Kehoe- Yes, they are all model "eye candy." I do think Jeff and Brian are funny and Brian looks like he would be pretty loyal and a romantic.

So, after revealing my list to my friend, all I got was a snort and a laugh and the words "it figures." He did not understand my list just as I did not understand his. I guess there is someone out there for everyone.