Thursday, February 7, 2008


There are very few "brand name" foods that I am addicted to. Generic foods like pizza, cupcakes, enchiladas... they are of course my favorites, but almost any brand will do. I also like chocolate, no..... love chocolate, but almost any kind of chocolate is fine with me. The only exception to this rule is Joseph Schmidt truffles. I first tried one at a Marshall Fields while I was in high school. Big mistake!!!!!My favorites are the mushrooms and the cherry bombs. The mushroom consists of white chocolate sprinkled with cocoa powder and a delicious amaretto filling. I never get tired of these things. Yum!!! Cherry bombs are basically an oversize cherry cordial. I don't actually eat the cherry part though, that is just gross. They are incrediably rich and a little of this goes a long way.
Thankfully, the nearest source is about 45 minutes away and they are about $2 a pop so I have to REALLY want one to go through the effort and expense. I think the last time I bought some was about three years ago and I bought 5 mushrooms and 1 cherry bomb. We won't even go into how long they lasted.......

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