Thursday, October 4, 2007

St.Mary School.... I went there for a year and a half (kindergarten and half of first grade) in the 70's. I was looking at the website and it looks like it has not changed a bit.
Things I remember about this place
  • The mean kindergarten teacher who told me and a little boy in the class that we were not allowed to sing with the rest of the class because we were "ruining" the songs. That bitch!!! She scarred me for life and I was too self conscious to sing in public for years. I don't even have a bad voice which is the weird thing. Maybe I sang to loudly? What kind of teacher says this to a child? Can you imagine if this happened in today's society?
  • The plain blue jumpers with the white cotton blouse. Why couldn't they have had cute plaid skirts or something. You had to wear shorts underneath so the boys would not look up your dress.
  • The playground with the tallest metal slide EVAH!! My friend Donna fell from the top and landed on her back and passed out cold. I laughed and laughed even though I was scared to death. I really thought she was dead. I don't know why I laughed because it sure as hell was not funny and I am not a mean person.
  • Weekly mass. Although My mother and I were Catholic, we did not ever attend mass unless my grandparents were there. Mass scared me. I did not understand it and the nuns were creepy.
  • My dad was in the military and the AirForce provided transportation for me to get to and from school which was off the base. It was always some young kid (probably 18-20 years old) who would drive me back and forth. I remember one of the vehicles had a hole in the floor on the passengers side and I was fascinated with the road flying by beneath me. There were about 4-5 guys who would rotate in the job of driving me. One or two of the guys liked to stop off in town on the way home from school to visit with friends, buy cigarettes, and lord knows what else. They would bribe me with candy and little toys from the convenience store. I have a vivid memory of green Slurpees, candy cigarettes, candy necklaces, and Razzles gum. My mom would get pissed because I was always late coming home from school and many times she would call the MP to report me missing. I don't remember the guys ever really getting in trouble. They were always nice to me and I always came home with a little bag full of treats and toys which is all that mattered to me.
  • PE classes, Brownies after school (as in Girl Scouts, not the baked good), the smell of Tempera paint and mimeographed worksheets, workbooks with a religious theme, and the smell of the cafeteria. Good times folks! Good times......

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