Friday, August 28, 2009


I need them. Badly!!! I have finally faced the fact that it is time to get a new pair. It seems like the day after my last birthday, I was officially old. Squint Squint. The last time that I went to the eye doctor was probably in the 11th grade so I am definately way overdue. My drivers license also expires next year and there is no way that I can pass the vision test... absolutely no way!!! I could do what I always do and pull out the super huge bright green glasses that I had in high school and hope for the best but even then, I think I would fail. The lady at the DPS office here is pretty mean...... about 400 pounds of butch terror. She yelled at me once for sitting in a chair while waiting in line. Apparently there is no sitting in chairs while you are waiting in her line. Bitch. So, I am trying to do a little pre-research on frames before I head out on this visionary journey. Picking out a cool pair of frames is the only good part of getting these glasses so I am going to make sure I get the best and the coolest pair (could I sound anymore shallow?)

How about these? They are pink (and Burberry!) Or these??? Cute!!!

Or even these?

This is going to be harder than I thought! Glasses have come a long way since the ugly green oversized pair that I had in highschool!!!!! Too many choices!!!!

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