Friday, August 27, 2010

A Sad Story.......

I live in a small rural area outside of Houston. Each day I drive past a house in the middle of a nearby small town that has two precious miniature horses and an ancient old donkey living in their pasture. 8 years of driving by these little guys several times a day. I always look for them as I drive by. Their pasture backs up to the side of a three way stop in the middle of the town. Chances are that if you have ever driven from Austin or from an A&M back to Houston, you may have seen them too. They were a sort of landmark of cuteness. Last weekend I noticed that the donkey was missing. not a good sign.The next day I saw one of the little horses laying flat out underneath a tree. If you have ever been around horses, you can tell when it is not a good sign to see a horse on the ground. They are not always just taking a nap. This was not a good sign. The little miniature was gone the next time I drove by. This afternoon, we saw the property owner out in her yard trimming the trees, so we stopped to inquire about her horse and her donkey. She said she was sitting on her couch about 10 o'clock on Saturday night when she heard a terrible noise in their yard. She and her husband ran outside to find a car full of no good drunk sons of a bitches in the middle of her pasture. They took one look at her and her husband and took off, abandoning their car, and jumped into a car that had pulled over down the street. Apparently the donkey and the little horse had been right in the car's path and it had plowed right over them. The donkey died instantly and the little horse had to be put down the next day. I am just disgusted. How horrible!!! The man and woman called the cops and they were able to find out who owned the car. They told the cops that they thought they had run over a tree. Sure they did. There is not a single tree in that pasture. It is bad enough that they killed those innocent little creatures but thank God they did not hit another car when they plowed through that three way stop without slowing down. Bastards!!!!

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