Thursday, September 9, 2010

Uh oh.....

I got my license in the mail today and let me tell you that it is even worse in color. My face is splotchy from the heat stroke, I am completely make-up free, and my hair is in a semi-poof. Crap!!! I don't expect a license picture to look like a glamour shot but I do expect to look semi-presentable. This looks like something from one of those "Celebrities that look like hell in real life without their makeup" articles. Look at this before picture of Renee Z. and multiply the yikes factor times 3 and you will get an idea of what my picture looks like. I figure that sometime this winter, I will choose a cold, dry day and get a re-do because no way am I going to pull that hideous picture out every time I need to show an ID. No frickin way!!!!

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