Saturday, December 4, 2010

Crown molding was invented by the devil.

The guest bedroom is nearly completed. I have been working on it for over a year. I know, I know..... how the hell has it taken a whole year to remodel one measly room? Life has just gotten in the way. You get home from work and are just too tired, your friends/family want you to do something with them, you lose interest..... blah, blah, blah. About a month ago I forced myself to get back on track and it was time to focus, focus, focus!! A big part of the problem is that I am a perfectionist and a daydreamer so I will strive to get something 100% correct and then I will have to stop and admire my work for half and hour. Believe me, you don't get much done that way.
Now, all that is left is the crown molding and the floor. The floor will be left to the professionals but the crown molding we will do ourselves. If you have never installed crown molding, lets just compare it to solving a difficult math problem that involves power tools and carrying a long piece of wood up and down the stairs and then climbing a ladder over and over until you get the correct fit. Have I mentioned how much I suck at math? I am exhausted. The room is only half way finished and I know I went up and down those stairs 30 times. It is looking good though and is worth the effort. Hopefully I can have it pretty much finished by tomorrow. I think I will go take a nice long hot shower now.


cutncrown said...

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Anonymous said...

I was on the cutncrown website and stumbled upon your blog. The crown molding comment you posted is hysterical! Why? Because I do the same exact thing when it comes to home improvements. I have to lay everything out perfectly, start, stop, admire, think about it, etc etc. However, we are always happy with the end result right? My wife just laughs and says I'm a "Typical Scorpio" What can I say? I give you a lot of credit for tackling a crown molding project and I'm sure it looks great!