Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cold and bored.....

Well, I am am not really bored, I am just cold. Us Texans are real wimps when it comes to weather. Turn down the temperature and everybody freaks out and heads to the store to buy all the necessities and hunker down. You risk life and limb to buy a gallon of milk. Elsewhere it is 5 degrees with 6 foot snow drifts and life goes on. Here in Houston it is 33 degrees with a possibility (a slight possibility mind you) for snow and ice and the whole city shuts down and declares that everybody should go home early on Thursday and that Friday is a holiday. WTH???? These people are crazy!!!!!! Oh well! It has been awhile since I have posted and I am sure you all have missed me (insert sarcasm key here.) I have just been busy doing random stuff and for some reason, the few times that I have had a moment to sit down and type something, my laptop has decided it does not like google or blogger and will not sign me on. It just freezes up and I have not been super motivated to find out the cause.

Random updates-
1. I have not had any sodas or sugary snacks for one month now and let me tell you it has been hell. Not just hell, but HELLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! I kept a food diary for two weeks to check out my eating habits and I was shocked at how much sugary crap I consumed. I eat healthy meals overall but I was sneaking in a lot of pure sugary junk on the side. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am a sugaraholic and the first step to recovery is admitting it. The two hardest things to give up have been my weekly Choco-Nilla cupcake from the OohLaLa bakery and Pepsi. I am addicted to both. I mean, come on..... who admits to liking Pepsi? Apparently I do, especially with little crunchy ice like the kind you get at Sonic. Ahhhhh! Heaven!!!! I am not giving up my favorites for good though. I am going to try and limit my little sugar celebrations to once a month. One cupcake and one Pepsi are in my future.
2. I have a good friend at work that celebrated his 85th birthday today. 85!!!!! Happy Birthday Phil!!!!! He still works about 20 hours a week and does a lot of volunteer work on the side. He tells everyone that the key to his long life is keeping active, both physically and mentally. I think I will take his advice.

Got to go. I have a date with some friends and some Mexican food. Hopefully they will be wrong about the snow and ice and I can enjoy my "snow" day tomorrow.

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