Sunday, August 10, 2008

My #1 pet peeve of the moment....

Is........ people who come to work sick and spread their germs to their poor defenseless co-workers. If you have paid sick days.... USE THEM!!!!!!!!! You are not impressing anyone by showing up are pissing them off!!! I have a co-worker who insists on coming to work while sneezing, coughing, barfing ........ you name it. I have spent this entire weekend in bed coughing, feverish, and partially deaf in one ear (thank God my ear finally "popped" and I can hear again!!) after catching whatever it was that she was spreading. I had big plans this weekend people.... Big Plans!!!! ARGGHHHH! I even caught her at my computer, using my mouse and coughing. WTF?? She has a perfectly good computer of her own on her own desk. Leave my stuff alone if you are sick. How rude!!!! I tried disinfecting everything but apparently the crappy cleaning supplies we have around the office suck. Just venting... carry on!

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