Monday, December 15, 2008

3 things......

that are really pissing me off at the moment...

1. The weather- In the last week it has snowed, rained, sleeted, been 79 degrees, been 28 degrees, and been so windy that nothing will stay attached to the ground. Yesterday it was in the mid 70's... today I wake up to howling wind outside my window, it is 38 degrees and falling, and it is raining... very cold rain I might add. AacK!!!!!

2. Christmas lights- Why is it that every strand I put up seems to have issues? I am ready to throw it all in the trash!!!

3. The Gap/Banana Republic/ Old Navy website--- could the thing be any slower? It is always a very slow website but it is really slow right now. And why can't the programmer that designed the site make it easy to check the status of your shipment? It should not take 15 steps just to figure out where your package is.

4. The dude who lied to me- I really thought he was a better person than that. Jeez was I stupid!!!

Thanks for letting me vent!!!

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