Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mean people suck!!!

To the classy lady who gave me the finger today as she was trying to get on the highway..... please familiarize yourself with this useful bit of info taken from the state driver's handbook.

MERGING, PASSING, AND ENTERING TRAFFIC Whenever you enter traffic, signal and be sure you have enough room to enter safely. You have to share space with traffic already on the road and must know how much space you need to:
Merge with traffic
Cross or enter traffic
Pass other cars
Enter the freeway at or near the speed of traffic. (Remember that the maximum speed allowed is 65 mph on most freeways.) Do not stop before merging with freeway traffic unless absolutely necessary. Freeway traffic has the right of way. , <-----Very important part!!!
Don't try to squeeze into a gap that is too small. Leave yourself a big enough space cushion
Watch for vehicles around you. Use your mirrors and turn signals. Turn your head to look quickly to the side before changing lanes. Leave three seconds of space between you and the vehicle ahead. Make sure you can stop safely if you must.
If you have to cross several lanes, take them one at a time. Filter through traffic slowly. If you stop to wait until all lanes are clear, you will tie up traffic and may cause an accident

Just to clarify a few things for you so that the next time you don't piss off the wrong person. Did you really think that it was my responsibility to come to a complete stop in 65 mph traffic to allow you to merge in front of me? I was nice enough to slow down enough to allow you to smoothly merge in with the flow of traffic but you chose to drive at a pace that matched mine and you were running out of on ramp. Perhaps if you had attempted to speed up just a little, I would not have had to of sped up myself at the last second to avoid having you run into me. It is your job to get yourself onto the highway .....I had the right of way and offered you plenty of opportunity to get on without incident. The honking and the little one fingered wave that you gave me? Very nice!! I especially like how you pulled up beside me further on down the road and rolled down your window so that you could "wave" at me some more and call me a stupid bitch. I am sure that the 6 or 7 year old child that you had sitting with you in the front seat was proud to have such a brave, smart mommy. I was happy to wave back at you and call out your name. Did I get your name right? I thought I recognized you as "Dumbass fucktard" so if you did not hear me clearly when I called out to you, that is who I thought you were. Have a nice day!!!!!

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Melissa said...

Ha Ha!!!!
Boy, can't we all relate!