Thursday, February 26, 2009

Secret addiction

Everyone has some kind of vice...... mine is collecting china..... the stuff you eat off of, not the country. For me, it is an inherited affliction. My grandmother also sufferred from this addiction so I place all of the blame directly on her. I have a formal set (all I am missing is the cream soup bowls and underplates), an everyday set (I have almost everything I need but I am always on the lookout on ebay for new pieces), and two tea sets. I have never actually had a formal tea, but I am ready for one if the situation ever arises. The thing about this china addiction is that you are never satisfied with what you have. China is also expensive... very expensive. There are reasons why most people just don't go out and buy themselves a full set all at once.

So, I have just been minding my own business, not even thinking about china at all, when I come across a pattern that I have never seen before. How did I miss this one? I love birds!! I think I am in trouble now. Thanks a lot Pioneer Woman. It is all your fault that I saw this on your website. I am now sneaking off to check out Replacements .com and ebay. Oh crap!!

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