Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sometimes you can't win....

I have the ability to attract weirdos. I can be in a room full of a hundred people and the weirdest guy in he room is going to come up to me and introduce himself. My sister has the same affliction... so does my friend Roxanne. We are all normal, attractive, well groomed, fashionable women so what is the reason for this invisible freak attractor??? The quandary is how to react to them. I am frequently guilty of being too nice to people which is exactly the wrong thing to be when these types of men are coming on to you. Being nice makes them think that you want to be their friend. On the other end of the spectrum is just flat out being a bitch and telling them to relocate and get lost. This can backfire too because if they really have a screw loose, they can suddenly have a vendetta against you for being so mean. Like I said..... sometimes you can't win.

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