Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Please keep it to yourself....

I am sitting at my desk this morning when a parent comes in with her teen-aged son and lets me know that she will have to cancel her son's appointment because he has developed a migraine and does not feel well. I don't have a problem with rescheduling the appointment but I am wondering why she did not just call and let me know instead of just coming all the way over here. Was this some kind of "instant migraine" that struck him down as he was walking across the school parking lot or something? I have never seen this lady before but it was kind of like one of those weird moments where you think you know somebody but you just can't place the face. She was super intense and kept on apologizing over and over for having to cancel. Anyway, the lady goes on and on about her son's affliction and how he was so stressed and so on and so forth......... As I am sitting there listing to her go on and on, MY head starts to hurt. I am talking full on tension headache with a total barfy feeling. Great! Now I had the "instant migraine" and it was all the mother's fault. I felt sick for about 30 minutes after she left. She must have had some major negative energy to affect me that way. I feel sorry for her son..... he is stuck with her.

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