Wednesday, September 16, 2009

13th person

They say that when a person experiences bad customer service, they tell an average of 12 people about what happened. I have already told at least 12 people so I am now on to 13 plus. I hate Sam's Club! I really, really do!!!!!!!! The parking sucks, it never has the same stuff twice (they get you hooked on something and then stop carrying it), it is usually full of running, obnoxious kids wanting "samples", and there is always a line at checkout. Always! Now, I do realize that there are some good things about Sam's such as big ass boxes of Bagel Bites, the 24 pack of bakery cupcakes (the best ever!), and 96 cent cherry Icees, but even that can't make a trip to Sam's a good thing for me. About the only things I buy there on a regular basis are paper plates, paper towels, spaghetti sauce, spices, and cat litter. All bought in bulk and for a slightly better price than I could get them for elsewhere. But this is not really the reason I hate Sam's Club. This is.....

On Monday I stopped in for a brief trip to get some paper products (three kinds), a bottle of dried onion flakes, a box of cat litter, and a three pack of spaghetti sauce. Six items total. Should have been in and out... zip, zip. I grab my stuff, put it on the conveyor belt, the cashier rings it up and "she" places every thing in a new basket. I pay for my stuff, grab an Icee from the concession stand, and then head for the door. I hand my receipt to the guy at the exit door and he looks at it and then asks me where my other receipt is. I am all like "What other receipt? I only have one." He then goes through this big production of telling me that I have additional items in my basket that I have not paid for and he wants to know why they are there. "Do I know that I have unpaid items in my basket?" he asked. He points to the receipt that says items sold and sure enough it says only 5.... I had 6 in my basket. Now let me tell you that not only was he insinuating that I had attempted to leave the store without paying for an item, he had attitude to boot. His rudeness was pissing me off so I may or may not have said something about how it was not my job to make sure their employees were doing things correctly. How the cashier managed to get all of my items off the conveyor belt and into a totally new basket without ringing up everything correctly was beyond me..... but apparently it was all my fault somehow. Rude door checker man then started pushing my basket towards customer service and told me to "take care of the problem." After "taking care of the problem" at customer service, I headed back toward the exit door when the door checker guy came running over, grabbed the receipt out of my hand, and copied something down in a log off of the receipt. In his haste to make sure I was not trying to pull something over on him, he totally cut off the 4 customers in line that were waiting for him. They all gave me a dirty look so I apologized.... (WHAT THE HELL WAS I APOLOGIZING FOR....????) He handed it back and walked away. ARGGHHHH! Again, I may or may not have said a few rude things back to him when he snatched the receipt out of my hand. I was so angry that I just don't remember what I might have said.

Not once did any of the employees apologize for any of the inconvenience. I was pissed. Really, really pissed. Why did I just voluntarily subject myself to such rude treatment when I did nothing wrong? If the man had just said something like.... "I am sorry, but the cashier forgot to ring up one of your items" I would have grumbled a little, gone to customer service, and have been on my way. But no, he had to be an ass. Sometimes just being polite goes a long way. Did I mention how much I hated Sam's Club??????

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