Friday, October 23, 2009

Who ya gonna call????

Maybe you could blame it on watching too many episodes of "Ghost Hunters" late at night but something creepy is going on around here. No Joke!!! This morning, as I was standing in the shower with the lovely warm water splashing on my head.... I saw something walk right by the shower door. I could not see exactly what it was because the door has frosted glass but something about knee high crossed in front of the shower door and headed towards the guest bedroom. There are no knee high people or pets in my house so what the hell was it??? The pets I have are small and I have seen them walk in front of the shower door and they are not that big in appearance. I got out of the shower and looked around the guest bedroom and ...nada.. totally quiet and empty. I went into my bedroom and my chihuahuas were all zonked out on my bed... oblivious to all the creepiness that was going on. Whatever it was was walking upright and not on four legs so it could not have been an animal anyway. It had kind of a strange movement too... kind of a cross between a scurry and a waddle. The only light on in the bathroom was coming from the window. I had opened the blinds to look outside at the rainy weather but I had kept the lights off in the bathroom and the shower because I was still kinda sleepy and I did not want to look at any bright lights. I have no idea what it was but I can say that it was definitely creepy. Hopefully that was the first and the last time I will see it!!!!!

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