Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nah...Nah, Nah nah....Nah!!!!

I am finished with my Christmas shopping!!!!!! I am not even quite sure how I did it all so quickly either. I was not even trying..... it just all fell into place this year. I will note that Hobby Lobby has the cutest gift wrap, bags, and holiday accessories..... and it is almost all 50% off too!!! Garden Ridge on the other hand sucks big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were always one of the places I could count on for lights, accessories, and outdoor decorations. Not anymore!! Nothing is even on sale..... not that you would want any of it anyways. The new owners have ruined that place. It looks like some kind of 4th rate Mexican flea market. What is up with the made in China furniture, all of the bed in a bag crap, shoes (WTF?), and tables piled high with clothes????????? They got rid of all of the good stuff! They are permanently off my list!!

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