Friday, December 18, 2009

So typical.......

How many days ago did I swear I was going to put the tree up??? Well, I never got it done.... until last night. I don't think I have ever put the tree up this late in the year. Life just kept getting in the way. I had made up my mind that the tree was going to be finished last night... no exceptions. I was not going to eat dinner, watch TV, do laundry, or do anything until the damn tree was up. Actually the tree itself was up, it was just naked. I had started to put it up three nights ago but I got invited out to dinner and since going out sounded a lot more fun then putting lights on the tree....dinner won out.

Things were going along just fine until my father walked in and commented that the tree had a lot of ornaments on it and looked kinda overloaded. I think I told him he was crazy and that he did not know what he was talking about. About 20 minutes later I stepped away to admire the tree and I noticed that it did look a little thick with decorations. Oh well, it would just have to be that way. Next year I will cull out the older ones and be a little more selective.

From then on it all went down hill. My mom's dog came into the room and peed on the ornament box. He was probably pissed because we had not let him in while we had been decorating. He had sat outside the door making little yipping sounds the whole time, voicing his opinion on not being included in the festivities. Then one of the strands of lights on the tree went out. The one that just happens to light up the top half of the tree. Crap!!!! There is no way I am going to take all the ornaments off so that I can replace the strand. No way!!! That would be like decorating the tree twice!!!! I tried checking all the bulbs to see if one was loose but I had no luck. Supid, cheap, made in China lights!!!! ARGHHHHH! So, the tree is half lit and it will remain so. I had bought new LED lights last year but they were multi-colored and I really wanted to go with clear lights this year so I just used the old ones. This is my payback for my not being environmentally responsible. Oh well.... welcome to my world. Like I said.... typical!!!!!

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