Monday, June 7, 2010

No patience...

I had an appointment at the dermatologist's office this morning to have a few things looked at and zapped off. I actually got there about 30 minutes early but I figured that I would have some forms to fill out so being early would probably be a good idea. When I entered the waiting room, I quickly realized I was the only person under 65 there. I signed in, took a seat, took out my book that I had brought with me and prepared to wait. No big deal. At about 9:20, this woman gets up and marches to the receptionist's window and demands to know when she is going to be able to see the doctor. She had a 9:15 appointment and she had been sitting there for 5 whole minutes!!!!5 whole minutes people!!!!! She had to be kidding!! Did she really expect that she would be in there at "exactly" 9:15??????? The woman finally blew a gasket and said she was leaving. I was laughing internally the whole time at how stupid this lady looked and the receptionist looked like she wanted to karate chop her down to size. I just don't understand people like this. I can only imagine what type of driver she must be. Had she just waited a couple of minutes longer, she would have been able to see the doctor and would have saved herself the effort of having to drive all the way back out there and waiting for a new appointment. Her little hissy fit benefited me though because I was bumped up and I was in and out of there before my original appointment time even came around. Ha! Some people, I swear!!!!!!

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