Monday, June 28, 2010

Sometimes it is better when you don't know it is coming....

My sister called me yesterday all in a panic. Apparently she had been rear ended by a a guy going about 60 mph. Most people who are rear ended at 60 mph probably don't live to talk about it but someone must have been looking down upon her and gave her a free pass. She was driving on a country road out in Bastrop when she came across a large piece of farm equipment slowly crawling down the road. She had slowed way down and was getting ready to pass it when a driver coming from behind at a high rate of speed, tried to pull around her and the farm equipment while my sister had already pulled out and had started to pass. She said the next thing she knew, she had spun around several times and had landed in a ditch going the opposite direction she had been going. The guy driving the other car told the police that he never even saw her. He got a ticket and apparently the police read him the riot act. Since my sister did not even see it coming, she was not all tense and expecting the crash so she came out of it with a few minor bumps and bruises. Juan (her car) was not in such great shape. He was smashed pretty bad but still able to hobble from the scene of the accident and make it to her house. Poor Juan!!!! Thank God everybody else was ok.

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