Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We are only here to protect you from your own stupidity

I bought a couple of new towels today. After removing about a bazillion tags from them before throwing them into the washer, I stopped to read the care tag before selecting the water temp. and wash setting. It was actually a miracle that there were written instructions in a language that I could understand. Have you looked at the majority of care tags, especially on clothes, lately? They now use only symbols to tell you how you should care for your washables. Like we have time to study and remember this type of information? The stupid part is that the "master list" of clothing care symbols is not something that your average person has floating around in their brain. Perhaps they are teaching this stuff in school now? I actually had to go online and look up what these symbols mean. A couple of them are pretty easy to figure out, like the one that obviously means no ironing or no machine wash. But since when does a triangle mean the international sign for bleach? And how am I supposed to know that 1 dot = 30 degrees Celsius and 6 dots = 95 degrees Celsius? Argghhhh!!!!!

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