Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday ...again.....

I had a pretty nice weekend. Saturday we all just lazed around... not doing much since it was just too hot. We drove out to Waller to watch the sky divers which was pretty cool. I have never been sky diving and I can't say that I want to rush out there and give it a try or anything.... but it is something I would "consider" trying if the opportunity was there and if I had a good feeling about it. I think I prefer activities on land though.

After the skydiving, we went over to Hempstead and visited Frazier's ( I will take one of everything please) and then on to DiIorio's for some fruit and some more tomato plants. If you want to experience "miserable heat".... try DiIorios.... hot does not even begin to describe the way it feels inside that building.

Sunday was not only Father's Day but also my parent's 40th anniversary. It was nice just getting together with family and friends. My parents did not want anything big as far as celebrations go so we just kept it all casual and fun. Lots of food, swimming, hanging out on the deck, and margaritas. Hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend!!

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