Friday, June 6, 2008

This kinda scared me a little..... actually alot!

I was driving West on I-10 last night at about 9:30, when something really creepy happened. The highway was pretty empty and I had only about 10 miles to go before my exit. All of the sudden, this big black dually appears right behind me, just inches from my bumper..... I am thinking to myself "Hey asshole, go around me! There is nobody on the road so what is the friggin deal?" I was going about 70 in the slow lane so I don't exactly know what his problem was.

He finally starts to pull around me and he slows down even with my window and he is just staring and smiling at me. What the hell? He could have been anywhere from between 30 to 45 years old and looked fairly "normal." I have no earthly idea who he was. Was he drunk? On crack? Just being an asshole???? He makes some kind of lewd hand gesture and he pulls in front of me and slows down to about 55mph. WTF?????

I then decided it was either go around him or plow into the back of him. As I am passing him he starts honking and smiling and making the "call me sign." Oh crap!! Get the hell away from me you weirdo!!! He of course speeds up and repeats the whole pulling in front of me slowing down process all over again. Why me???????? This goes on several more times and finally as we are approaching my exit....I decide to let him stay in front. I pull off the highway at the last possible second so that he won't know that I am getting off and as soon as he sees me doing this, he does this Dukes of Hazzard maneuver in front of me barely avoiding crashing into the divider. What is this guy doing???????

So, he is still ahead of me as I am approaching the stoplight where I usually turn off to get home. This time I put my turn signal on which of course he sees and he copies. Since he is ahead of me, he turns first and as soon as he has totally committed to the turn.... I haul ass across the intersection going straight. He sees this but since this is a pretty congested area with lots of truck stops and big semis on the road.... he is trapped. Yessss!!!!!!!!!

I take all the back roads the rest of the way home.....speeding just a little (ok... speeding a lot!!) and praying that there will be no cops hanging around to pull me over. I see no sign of this guy the rest of the way home which is a good damn thing because the road to my house is only two lanes wide and there are no street lights and there would be no place to hide.

This whole incident was strange. I honestly have no idea who this guy was and he looked a little too old to be doing this just for fun. I am just going to keep telling myself that it was a case of mistaken identity and he thought I was someone else. Where do I find these freaks and weirdos?!!!??!!! Why???

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