Friday, July 4, 2008


If you are looking for a good chick-lit summer beach read... here is one for you. Lovehampton by Sherri Rifkin. it was a pretty quick read and did not lose my interest at any time. I am not going to bore you with a summary of the book, you can read a review here. The best part of the book to me was the ending... not the actual ending as in "what happens at the end of the story" ending but rather something that the author says. It has to do with relationships and getting to know someone that you think you are in love with.
I have always had the philosophy that before you can say that you are really in love with someone and know that this person is the absolute one for you... you must know them for a full year. I have always called it the "Full Circle" rule.... the author refers to it "the Four Seasons rule" but to me they are the same thing. This means that in order to really know a person, you need to be around that person for an entire year ...Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer, birthdays, holidays... anything that a person goes through on a yearly basis. How many people do you know that have gotten into a relationship and are shocked to find out that "Joe hates Christmas"..."Jen does not believe in Valentine's day"...."Mike does not ever go on vacation in the summer." Trivial stuff I know, but people are strange and are always not what they seem to be.
Anyways, read the book if you are looking for some summer reading material. And keep the full circle rule in mind the next time you meet someone new.

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