Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Snake Farm!!!!

No, not the one on I-35 that I can't seem to get ANYONE to go with me to visit. Yes, I will admit to really wanting to go there. I am not embarrassed by this fact either. I love big cheesy roadside attractions! They have big snakes there people! Big snakes! The snake farm that I am talking about is the one that I have apparently started in the backyard.

About two months ago, I saw this little guy in the photo slithering across the yard while I was on the riding lawn mower. He was going one way...I was going another... so I really did not think much more about it until a couple of days later when I saw that he had taken up residence in a little pond that I had set up beside the green house. I had planned on getting rid of the little pond and replacing it with something else. Now I am screwed because although I think snakes are interesting and cool (in a kinda creepy and scary way).... I am not about to attempt to relocate the snake...where would I put it anyway?
So the snake has just been living a peaceful and happy life in the little pond. I stare at it when I am walking by...and it stares back. It has gotten bigger and fatter (living on tadpoles) and seems to like it there. A couple of days ago, I walk by and see the snake swimming around, only there is a problem... this snake has the same markings.. but it is smaller....a lot smaller. Babies! Oh crap!!!! Now I have a colony of junior snakes. I will have to figure this situation out. One was doable... but more than one is just not going to fly with me.

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