Thursday, September 11, 2008


Even with all the horrible stresses and last minute prep for this damn hurricane that is about to hit us hard here in Houston, my mind has still been on the anniversary of the unbelievable tragedies that occurred on 9/11. I was fortunate that as far as I am aware of, nobody that I personally knew lost their lives that day. My uncle had a small office in one of the Trade Center buildings, but he was not there that day. He did lose a few employees though which is just heartbreaking. What can you say about all the death and destruction that occurred that day? It is not something that words or sympathy can ever repair but it is very important to keep those memories alive in our minds and to be aware how fragile life really is and how we should not take even the little joys in our day to day life for granted.
One of the big questions that always gets brought up on this day is where were you when you first heard the news? I was alone in my car with my dog, cat, and a back seat filled with all of the stuff that would not fit in the moving van. Not a good day to pick to move across the state to a new house. The cell phone lines were overloaded so I could not get in touch with family or friends. I did not know where anyone was or what I should do so I just kept on driving down the interstate. All I could do was just listen to the radio and pray that everything would be OK. I remember the roads being almost completely empty..... everybody was afraid to move or go anywhere. Once I made it to the new house, I just remember sitting there on the floor (no furniture, no phone connection, did not know anybody) listening to the portable radio and waiting..............
It is hard to believe that it has been seven years since that day. Where does time go? Even though you cannot change the past, it is important to take all that life has given and taken away from you, and use that knowledge and those experiences to be the best person you can be today and for all your days to come. God Bless America!!!!!

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