Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back On Track

Things are finally settling down around here. The property is still a mess but I am working on it. By the time I get home from work, there is not much daylight left to get things done, so it is going to take awhile to get things back in shape. Oh well........ What can I say about the hurricane? We survived and did not really lose much. The wind was incredible. It clocked in around 89mph out where we live on the far northwest side of Houston. Lots of damaged trees, some roof damage, and a small leak in my bedroom. The structures that I was worried about (greenhouse, pond cover, and the pool area) did not receive a scratch on them. We were just lucky that the pond cover was sheltered by the house and that the wind was coming from the opposite direction because that thing would have probably taken flight at 40mph and they are not easy to replace at this time of the year.

I was listening to the radio on the way to work this morning and they were joking about how the city was now probably back in the running for first place in the nation's fattest city rankings after hurricane Ike because all anyone did the entire time was eat. We only lost power for a day and we have two generators that kept things going but lots of people called in saying they were trying to eat everything in their fridge before it spoiled (honey, you HAVE to eat that gallon of ice cream RIGHT NOW!!!!) I certainly contributed my share of eating though. I am sure it was just stress and boredom because I was eating things that I never eat and things that I am not even fond of. M&M's (one of those huge Sam's size bags), Doritos, Twizzlers, soda (I never drink soda!!!!), Hawaiian Punch (WTF?! I hate Hawaiian Punch!), Rice Crispie treats, cookie dough. I was on a complete sugar high and I gained 5 pounds! 5 pounds! Crap!
I managed to get off of the sugar train and have lost 3 of the pounds so at least things are almost back to normal. I was completely out of control!

They started letting people back out onto Galveston and the other islands yesterday so that they can assess the damage and start the cleanup. I do feel for those people and hope that they can get back on with their lives quickly and that those who lost everything can somehow get back on their feet.

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