Saturday, January 24, 2009

Type A?????

I have been told that I have some type A tendencies by several people but I have been trying to relax and chill. I took this quiz just for fun and apparently I am a type B personality. I think most of my type A quirks are directed at the expectations that I have towards other people more than expectations I have for myself.... I am working on this though. What type are you?

The Type A Personality Test: Results
Type A behavior pattern has been linked to a number of health problems. Although the literature is somewhat inconsistent because of problems with the conceptualization and definition of Type A behavior, studies have shown that Type A people run higher risks of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other stress-related evils such as frequent colds, anxiety disorders, burnout, and depression. The risks seem to be reduced with intervention aimed at reducing Type A behavior. Indeed, those with pronounced Type A characteristics would be happier and healthier if they were to file down the jagged edges of their personality. By learning how to control the negative behavior patterns while preserving their drive, Type A people can be successful without sacrificing their emotional and physical well-being.

Your score = 64

Type A Score 64
What does your score mean?
You seem to have a Type B personality. Your personality draws characteristics from each of the other personality types, that is, Type A and Type C. Either you adjust your behavior depending on the situation, or you tend to be moderated in your attitudes. In any case, you are the most balanced of the three personality types.

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