Saturday, January 31, 2009

FEDEX is not my friend!!!

I have really had it with Fedex! I have had numerous delivery problems with them in the past, but this one takes the cake. Whenever I am expecting a package from them, it is never delivered on the day it says it will be. If you track the package, it will always come up with some lame excuse like "attempted delivery, recipient not home" which is total BS because I had purposely stayed home waiting for that package all damn day or it will say "attempt not made to deliver, will deliver next business day." WTFF? Did I mention that I hate Fedex? Well, the package that I am currently expecting has now been out for delivery 3 days in a row. No excuses have been been listed as to why no delivery has been made. Is the driver really that lost? Can he not drive his lazy ass out to my area? Argghhhh! I have called Fedex twice and they have been of no help. They claim to have no idea of what the problem is and say that they can't get in touch with the station that my package is being delivered from. Shouldn't they be a tad concerned that nobody is answering the phone there? So, they have taken my phone number and have promised to get back to me. Yeah, right! I better have this package by Monday people! Argghhh! Have I mentioned how much I hate Fedex? :-O

Update----- Around noon....... a man in an unmarked white van drove up to my gate, left the package on the ground, and drove off in a cloud of dust. Very odd.... but at least I got my package. I guess it pays to always be polite on the phone even when you are pissed off.


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