Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another childhood favorite down the drain.

As a kid, there were some foods that I thought were just the greatest thing on earth, couldn't get enough of them. Yet somehow as an adult, they suck. Spaghettios are one of them. No meatballs or fun shapes, just the original O's please!!! I could have probably eaten them every day as a kid. Yum-O!!!!! Underwood's Chicken Spread was another. I used to take sandwiches with the spread on school field trips in my brown bag lunch. Snow Balls, those neon pink coconut covered chocolate cream filled balls were also a staple in the field trip lunch. Remember Munchos? We used to eat these in junior high non-stop. What were they? Regurgitated potato flakes with lots of salt? Yet none of this stuff tastes the same today, I guess it is all just a taste you out grow. The other day I got it into my head that I wanted a strawberry cake like I used to get for my birthday every year. I never did want a bakery cake when I was growing up (Jeez! what was wrong with me?!?!) I wanted a cheap box cake with strawberry frosting to top it off. I thought it was divine!! So, I see the cake mix on the shelf and decide to take a walk down memory lane. I whip up the cake and take a bite and surprise, surprise....... how did I ever think this stuff was delicious???? Gag!!!!! The "artificiallness" (spellcheck tells me this is not a word but I am going to stand by it anyway) of the pink cake and frosting was more than I could take. Yuck! Sigh........ Oh well, I still have the memories.

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