Friday, July 17, 2009

Kicking Martha to the curb......

Just kidding!!!!! I still love Martha, but I have found a new infatuation.... Carolyne Roehm. How did she fly by my radar? I mean, certainly I have heard of her as a designer, but I had no idea she had such beautiful, beautiful books!

This one is my favorite! It is all about beautiful presentation and design ideas for gifts and presents. I have a bit of a ribbon and paper obsession so this book is right up my alley.

This book is beautiful too! How can you not want your home to look like the pages that are in this book! So pretty!!!

And finally, one of her newest creations. Blue and white together is one of my favorites. I have painted my entire bedroom a beautiful blue similar to the color of this chair in the last three houses I have lived in. I never get sick of it. If you ever want a good nights sleep, paint your room a deep shade........ it is very relaxing.

These books are not cheap but I have really enjoyed looking at them. I think I will have to keep checking on eBay and maybe I can find a few at a bargain price. Sigh......

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