Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mushroom Chicken

Fantastic recipe!!!! Too bad that I don't have a photo to share..... we ate it too quickly and besides, this is not a cooking blog so you will just have to take my word for it that it is super yummy and easy to make. I will warn you that it is not a low fat recipe, so save it for special occasions or if you are having guests. You could substitute the cream cheese and cream of chicken soup for the healthier, lower fat versions if you wish.

Mushroom Chicken

4 chicken breasts, boneless and skinless

1 packet of Good Seasons Italian dressing mix

3/4 cup of water

1- 8 oz box of cream cheese, softened

1- can of condensed cream of chicken soup

1- small package of fresh mushrooms, sliced

Mix the packet of Italian dressing mix and the water in the bottom of a crock pot. Place the chicken breasts in the crock pot and flip them over a couple of times in the seasoning mixture so that the chicken is coated on all sides with seasoning. Cook on low for 3 hours. Check it every now and then to make sure that the liquid has not evaporated too much. You can add a little more water if needed. About 2 hours into the cooking process, take the cream cheese out of the refrigerator so that it will have about an hour or so to soften. After the chicken has cooked for three hours, combine the softened cream cheese and the soup in a small bowl. You can use a hand mixer or a wire whisk. After the cream cheese and soup are well blended, stir in the sliced mushrooms. Spoon the soup/cream cheese mixture over the chicken breasts and cook for one more hour. I usually take a spoon and stir the soup/cream cheese/mushroom mixture after it has been in the crock pot about 20 minutes just to mix things up a little bit and to get the mushrooms down into the pan a little better. Serve with rice or potatoes and enjoy! Yum!!!!!!

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