Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In a Benadryl induced haze.

Last night, I somehow was in bed by 9:30. I had just turned off the TV and was getting all snugly underneath the warm, cozy covers when holy hell!!!, mother of all sonofabitches!!!!... something stung/bit the hell out of my arm, about 3 inches down from my armpit.
I flew out of bed, turned on the light, and found a bright red mark on my skin that was burning like fire. It felt almost as bad as a wasp sting. Within about 2 minutes it was swelling so I went into the bathroom, popped an Benadryl and washed my arm with soapy water and put some Polysporin on the red spot.
I looked all around my bed expecting so see some form of bug life but there was nothing there so I ripped the covers off of my bed, exposing 3 sleepy chihuahuas who looked at me like "What in the hell do you think you are doing waking us up like this?" I shook out all of the covers, looked under all of the pillows, and checked the floor around the bed and I still did not see anything. Nada! I would have been happy to actually have found something so that I could have squashed it flat and then I would have known it was gone. Now I am stuck with a mystery pest in the room that may or may be lying in wait to sting me again.
Today my arm is itchy and swollen. Not good...... sigh. When I was living in San Antonio, I knew better then to ever get into bed without doing a thorough inspection of the sheets because of scorpions. Bed checks, towel checks, and shoe checks are just a way of life there. I am so tired from all the Benadryl that all I want to do is go curl up in bed but I can't even do that now because of the fear of where the spider? ant? mystery bug? might be. First thing I am going to do when I get home is wash all the sheets and vacuum really well around the bed. I want my warm, cozy bed back!!!!

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