Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"I'd like mornings better if they started later" ---author unknown 7/365

I am just not programmed to be an early riser..... perhaps if I could ever manage to get to bed at a decent hour, I might be a little more receptive to the idea of getting up early. Somehow I don't see that happening anytime soon.

It's not that I don't like early mornings. It is actually my favorite time of the day if I am awake to enjoy it. I love fixing a nice breakfast....sitting on the patio enjoying the sunrise....dew on the ground....peace ...quiet....the sound of birds chirping in the trees... Love it!! Not to mention how much more productive you seem to be when you get an early start. Maybe I should start making an effort.....

A weird thing happened on the way to work this morning. I am sitting first in line at the light, waiting to get onto I-10. This big semi/dump truck/ very "long" thing with lots o'wheels has just come off the off ramp and is turning to the right. He makes the turn but his back two wheels (connected together by an axle) keep going straight without him and pass just inches from the front of my truck. These were some big wheels! To top it off, this guy had just started crossing the intersection and thank goodness he looked up because the wheels were coming right at him. He hauls ass across the street and we all look in in horror and amazement as the wheels keep moving on and come to a stop just a few feet away from the Flying J truck stop propane tank. Weird!!!!!! It was like it happened in slow motion or something. After my light turned green, I waved at the guy who had been crossing the street and he just smiled and shook his head. I guess we were all lucky on that one, except for the guy who lost his wheels.

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