Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green 2/365

So, Earth week is over.... Has the general public really learned anything? Probably not....... I try to do my part and there is definitely tons more that I could do but sometimes... I am just lazy and in a hurry....period. Hey! I am just being honest. I do feel badly about it and I am trying to make changes. I was raised in a generation of wasters. What else do you expect from the "juice box" generation? Everything is marketed towards convenience....individual serving sizes (Imagine just how much trash those 100 calorie packs are contributing to. Buy in bulk people!), water bottles, baggies, excessive paper towel use (oh wait, this is all stuff that I am guilty of), the list goes on and on....... Anyway, I have been trying to make some little changes that will hopefully make a difference..... So, at work this week, a certain head honcho who will remain nameless decided to celebrate Earth Day in a special turning out the lights for two hours and making us work in the dark! WTH? At 3 o'clock, all the lights went out on the first floor, just the first floor...... apparently it was just too much to ask the students in the classrooms on the second and third floors to participate. This little celebratory observance lasted for two hours. Hoo-Rah!!! Why not start a recycling program for all the paper people waste here....or perhaps a place for students to put their soda cans and bottles. I am at a loss of words to describe this little incident. What else do you expect from the land of education?

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