Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm just here for the cake.

I keep getting invited to home parties. Jewelry, Southern Living, sex toys, lingerie, home decorating crap, children's clothes... you name it. Since I am one of those people who usually can't say no when a friend asks me a favor, I end up going and hating every minute of it. I always tell people that invite me to these things that even though I will agree to go, they should not expect me to buy anything (hey, might as well be up front about it.....they are just looking for a warm body to sit in a chair so that they can get credit for having "x" amount of people there anyway.) I usually tell them that I am on a strict budget and that I am saving up for a big purchase, trip, etc... and that I don't really have any spare money just sitting around at the moment. Just being honest... if I bought something at every one of these parties..... I would have one foot in the poorhouse. I am probably getting a reputation as the "cheap friend" but come on.... the items they are pushing are way overpriced. I can find the same stuff at the local mall any day of the week at a fraction of the price.

This weekend it was another Southern Living party. Now don't get me wrong, I love Southern Living, and their products were decent (though way overpriced)... but I really did not need any of it. These women were acting like it was the best stuff ever and they could not pull out their credit cards fast enough to pay for it. I just don't get it... do they really like the stuff or are they just trying to impress their friends? How about the sex toy and lingerie parties? If I was in the market for any of this stuff, I would not want any of my friends to know. "Gee, Courtney... did you get the Long Dong Schlong or the Rabbit deluxe?" I have the hardest time keeping a straight face at these things. You have a room full of "Stepford wife" type women oohing and ahhing over the latest pleasure toys and slutty lingerie. You can't not laugh at one of these things as the sales rep is waving around a giant rubber dildo. Ah... good times.

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