Friday, October 24, 2008

Long, L-O-N-G day.

I am so sleepy. I had to trek way across town through the horrible Houston I-10 construction to a training class. I get there, find the training room, and wait..... and wait, and wait. Finally the class gets started (we need this certification class to have access to the new computer system in a couple of weeks) and then half way through the certificate exam....... the computers crash...... so typical. The instructor tells us we can wait around and see if they can get the program up and running again or we can leave and re-schedule another class time. Hell no am I coming back.

I stick around and the instructor finally gets the program running again but while she was fiddling with my computer, she advanced the questions and answered a question incorrectly. Crap! I just flew through the rest of the test because I was afraid the thing was going to crash again before I finished. I can honestly say that I did not learn a thing and that the class had nothing to do with my department. I passed with a 98 (I would have had a 99 if she had not have messed me up) so thank God I don't have to go back there.

I made it back across town in record time and stopped at the convention center (I live in a small town so the convention center is actually an old bank) and voted. Yea!! Now I don't have to worry about that. Every time I vote they have a different type of voting machine. This one was kind of strange with a computer screen and a big dial that you kept on turning until it landed on the name that you wanted to choose. Kind of like "Spin the wheel, make a deal." Totally odd! At least I voted which is a big weight off my shoulders. Whatever happens in this election is up to fate. I believe it will all work out in the end..... no matter who wins. Karma is a bitch.

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