Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things that make you happy...

For me it is............sunshine, birds tweeting in the trees, warm skin, a good hair day, your dog's undying devotion, friends that are there for you whenever or wherever, old photographs, a great book, baby lizards, cute kids, finding the last cold bottle of whatever in the fridge, flowers, clean sheets, new socks, pasta, good coffee, snail mail, floating in a tube on a lazy river, the Sunday New York Times, sincerity, the sound of the ocean, a good kiss, my DVR, sleeping in with someone you love right beside you, freshly painted toes, grosgrain ribbon, the smell of autumn in the air, people watching, toast, a long Sunday drive with no particular destination, picnics, new car smell, a sexy dance partner, a good shoulder rub, an ice cold cherry limeade with crushed ice and a big fat straw, dragonflies hovering in the evening air, 8o's hair bands, planning a vacation, laughing so hard you cry, an intense hug, being able to really help somebody out, private jokes only your friends understand, a fresh box of crayons, a good workout, a man's arms, lip gloss, coca cola in a little glass bottle, swimming pools, camping, road trips, freedom, a clean house, a new magazine, Popsicles, farmer's markets, thunderstorms at night, love letters, homemade chocolate chip cookies, the smell of new snow, success, a long hot bath, flea markets, hot chocolate with extra extra whipped cream and sprinkles, good champagne, flirting, and a good night's sleep.

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