Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where are the men in white coats when you need them???

My.Bangs.Are.Driving.Me.Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just not cut out for the side swept bang. Why did I do it? Why???!!!??? Even with a ton of hairspray and liberal use of the flat iron, they are seriously pissing me off! Have you ever watched a person that has side swept bangs... especially teenagers? They all have developed a type of twitch from constantly shaking the damn bangs out of their eyes. My neck hurts and I even have a headache from all the tension in my neck and shoulders. The weird part is that it actually looks pretty darn good. I would almost dare to say that it looks pretty fantastic...... but I just can't stand the way it keeps sliding down over my left eye. Gah!!!!! I am going to have to get some more industrial hairspray because the stuff I have just is not cutting it.

Honestly, I am one step away from putting it all in a dorky ponytail on top of my head like the one the neighbors use on their little dog. See how happy the little dog looks? That is because it can see and does not have a stiff neck from all the hair flipping!!! This may become my new weekend look (minus the bow).....when I am home alone at least.

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