Friday, May 16, 2008

Living in the clouds...... no more 365 I quit!!! :)

^^^^I would love this in my backyard!!^^^^^
Our neighbors tore down their kid's tree house yesterday. It was nothing spectacular... just a few boards nailed to a tree, with a rickety roof, and some questionable stairs. Those kids were lucky..... I never had a tree house as a child, but I would have loved one.
My cousin stayed in a tree house hotel in Costa Rica when she went on her honeymoon. She apparently had a fantastic time there because she plans on going back next year. Judging by the pictures that she took while she was there... the tree house she stayed in was pretty high up in the air... we are talking "nose bleed" high up in the air. It looked like fun though, although it might have been a little bit scary in a big storm.
Tree house hotels. The one near Mount Rainier is supposed to be excellent .... Oprah says so!!! :) I can imagine the views must be pretty spectacular.
Well, I made it to day 22 on the 365 thing. I am generally not a quitter at anything... but this is getting too hard to keep up with. I will go back to posting just a couple of times a week.

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