Monday, May 19, 2008


Need a good dessert for a dinner party? This is one of my favorites. Total deliciousness!! Don't even worry about the calories, if it is a special occasion....just enjoy...and hit the treadmill hard the next day.

Grilled Banana Splits (serves 4)

4 ripe bananas
8 tsp butter-cut into small pieces
4 TB Brandy
3 cups vanilla ice cream
chocolate sauce
toasted pecans
whipped cream
fresh strawberries
chocolate curls (see video below if you don't know how to make these)

Heat grill to low. Make an incision in the banana through the peel, leaving 1 inch uncut on both ends. Spread open the cut and place 2 tsp of the butter pieces, 1 TB of brown sugar, and 1 TB of the brandy inside.Wrap very loosely in foil and grill about 8-10 minutes until the mixture has melted and bananas are heated through. Transfer the bananas into individual serving dishes, carefully flipping the bananas over and pouring the sauce into the bottom of the dish. Peel of skins and top bananas with ice cream, warm chocolate sauce, whipped cream, toasted pecans, and chocolate curls. garnish with strawberries. Enjoy!!

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