Monday, May 12, 2008

Pretty damn good day......18/365

for a Monday.....

Thank you to the girl at Starbucks for the free chocolate sample and the size did not have to do that but it was much appreciated.

Thank you to the truck driver who let me into the line of traffic after I filled up my car at the gas station. I could have been sitting there forever otherwise.

Thank you to whomever it was that left me the space right by the door at work...that never happens.

Thank you to all the students that actually showed up on time for their appointments...I left at a decent hour for once!!!

Thanks to the guy at Lowes who appeared out of nowhere to help me load those rocks..... I am sorry that I refused your offer (you asked me 4 times, I should have taken the hint) to help me push them to the register...they were heavy

Thanks to the guy in the Lowes parking lot (you were wearing a dress shirt with a tie, so I can't believe you did this dressed like that) who helped me load all those rocks into my car. I really did not expect you to help me but I really appreciated it.

Thanks to the our waiter at dinner for the free I on a roll or what??

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