Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Clean house 12/365

I made the "super dumb" decision to clean the fish tank when I got home from work today. I had been putting it off and ignoring the whole ugly mess for about 6 months now.
Every time I would come to the farm, I would look at the poor fish and declare that "I solemnly do swear and promise that I will clean it the next time I am here." It never happened. I think I went through about $100 in filters due to my laziness but hey.....they are still alive and that is all that matters.
So.... after being here for a couple of weeks now and staring at the whole mess day after day.... I cleaned it. It nearly killed me and it took 4 (yes 4!!!!!) hours from start to finish. Now I feel all gross and fishy. At least the fish seem happy. Now I know why my sister was laughing when I told her I would gladly take the fish tank that she did not want anymore. Arghhhhh!
If you like old houses, buildings, and general Americana....... check out this book that a friend gave me. Love it! Vanishing America

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