Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Drive time 20/365

I usually listen to the radio in the car on the way to full blast....singing the words to the songs that I know and making them up when I don't. Lately, I have been giving the books on tape thing a try. I figure I spend about 45 minutes driving back and forth to work each day so hey....... great time to listen to a book.

The one I am listening to right now is "Farewell My Subaru" by Doug Fine. This guy should be a comedian... he is that funny. The story is basically about a year in his life when he decided to move out into the middle of "nowhere" New Mexico and his attempts at going green. What I like about this book is that at no point is he preachy nor does he take on a "I am better than you" type of attitude like so many "greenies" do. This guy has a lot of screw-ups in his attempt at a greener life and he is not afraid to tell it like it is. Love this guy!!! Check it out here

In reference to "wasted resources" and greener living.....

I order a lot of my makeup from Neiman Marcus for several reasons.............
1. They usually have free shipping offers once a month (I don't have to waste my time or gas to stock up on what I need.)
2. They often have really good bonus offers like gift with purchase deals and such.
3. Hey..its Neimans people!!! Seriously though... cosmetics prices never change from place to place so why not take advantage of this company's generosity of free shipping and samples?

Anyway, I ordered some "supplies" from them a couple of days when I got a package from them in the mail yesterday, I was expecting the stuff I ordered from them to be in the box. Well, it wasn't. What was in this big ass box was a free sample.... the items that I actually ordered were shipped separately and will be here Thursday. I can't believe they shipped a little sample by itself, priority mail, and in a big box! And they wonder where all their profits are going........ what a waste!!!

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