Sunday, May 4, 2008

Is the weekend really almost over? Oh, crap!!! 10/365

I woke up at 6:00 am this morning people! Why ?????? I had really planned on sleeping in..... really and truly. I was just laying there in bed this morning, debating over whether or not it would actually be possible to go back to sleep or if it would be better to just get up....... when my chin started itching. I reached up to scratch it and..........I felt blood. So of course I now fly out of bed and examine my chin in the mirror. After I cleaned everything up and gave it a close inspection, I found a big scratch on my face going from one side of my chin to the other. WTH?
I know for sure that my face was not like this when I went to bed.... so what the hell happened in the middle of the night? It suddenly starts coming back to me in hazy little bits and pieces. This little devil ran across my face in the middle of the night (again!!!!!!) I also vaguely remember flinging a pillow at her and there were a few bad words involved as well. This incident had better not leave a mark!
I am just not feeling very creative today so I will FINALLY fill out the meme sent by "Jonesiegirl." Sorry this is such a crappy blog entry (yay for filler!!!!). I think I need a nap now.

Favorite color: Pink and blue
Favorite food: Pizza, shrimp, & chocolate cake are a few of my favorites
Favorite month: birthday and I love the summertime
Favorite movie: Moonstruck
Favorite professional sport: Basketball
Favorite ice cream: Either strawberry, peppermint, or any type of chocolate. I like variety!!

Current mood: A little sleepy but otherwise in a good mood.
Current clothes: An old Rolling Stones t-shirt and jeans
Current toenail color: Ballerina Slippers ( a really pale pink)
Current time: Exactly 6:00pm
Current surroundings: On the third floor at my computer
Current thoughts: Am I hungry enough to go do something about dinner or should I wait?

First best friend: Molly Rudd
First kiss: James Parker in the 1st grade.
First screen name: strawberrykiwi (no laughing!!)
First pet: Candy the hamster
First piercing: My ears in about the 3rd was also my last
First crush: Guy Sobleman...4th grade.. after he rescued me after I hurt my knee. My hero!!

Last cigarette: I don't smoke.
Last drink: I had a blue margarita a couple of nights ago.
Last car ride: Today. I had to go get some shorts from Academy.
Last kiss: Romantic kiss?...probably three weeks ago.. but that is HISTORY!!!
Last movie seen: How sad is it that I don't remember....
Last phone call: Roxanne to ask her a question about work
Last CD played: Pussycat Dolls

Have you ever?
Have you ever dated one of your best friends? Most of the guys I have dated have started out as friends, one was a best friend....I miss him :o
Have you ever broken the law? Probably...who hasn't?
Have you ever been arrested? No! I am a good girl ;)
Have you ever skinny dipped? Yes, and I highly recommend it
Have you ever been on TV? Yes, as a child in various little shows in Dallas like "Bowling for Dollars". I had totally forgotten about that until just now!
Have you ever kissed someone you did not know? You mean like walking up to a stranger and kissing them? No.... I am a selective kisser. However........... I did have a kissing "incident" with a certain lead singer of a well known rock/"hair"band . I will keep the suspense holding on this one and save it for another post. I may need this story for another slow day when I am out of ideas.

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