Thursday, May 15, 2008

Double Vision 21/365

When I opened the mailbox today, I was delighted to find no bills (yea!) but in its place was a stack of magazines. I started pulling them out one by one only to discover that I had somehow ended up with two of the same one. Now, our mail lady is not exactly the most dependable person. Sometimes she does not show up until 9 o'clock at night (what the heck has she been doing? Hitting the bars with our mail in the back of her jeep?) and occasionally she just does not show up period. Ah... small town post offices....gotta love them.

After careful examination...I discovered that both issues were addressed to me...and both had the same account number. Big screw up at INSTYLE I guess. Not surprised though. I am at the point that I will no longer even question this stuff.... unless it happens again next month.

I have been having the worst craving all day for one of these salads. I love them!!! I don't know if it is the tangy dressing or the crunchy noodles that I am addicted to but I NEED ONE NOW!!!! Unfortunately the closest place that sells them is the Super Target in Katy which is a good 25 minutes away. I am trying to decide just how much I really want one. Am I crazy enough to drive all the way over there for a bag of salad? Probably...........

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