Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's time to go deep....... 9/365

So, here is my fortune from dinner last night. I always get the crappy ones. Everyone else got ones like: "Your dreams will come true tonight," "Plan for many pleasures ahead," "Good things are being said about your abilities," and "You will soon have a very pleasant experience." I am sure you can quickly figure out what we were all laughing about after we read these out loud..... Could there be a little more sexual innuendo here? Even mine said to "go deep." :)

I get up this morning and go outside..... and I hear a lawnmower going out in front of our house. Nothing unusual here, especially for a Saturday morning, but guess what? Our lawnmower is out of commission. We have been waiting on a part all week so no grass cutting for us if I am really upset by this. :) I go to investigate and it is our neighbor from down the street, cutting the grass in front of our property. I waved at him and he stopped and said that he knew that our lawnmower was broken (he had been over at our house the night before and had seen the mower in 3000 pieces sitting in the garage) so since he was cutting the front of his property, he just went ahead and did ours too. Can you believe that? How many people are that nice to their neighbors. Of course.... there is also the fact that this particular neighbor, along with my dad, are the unofficial lawn police in the neighborhood. They are both neurotic about making sure their lawns are in tip-top shape. I guess he did not want our reputation to go south on us or anything..........

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