Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lassie, go get help!!!! 13/365

I have always had this claustrophobic thing about having stuff on me for too long. Clothes, jewelry, name it. I was always the little kid taking off her clothes and running around in her underwear.
Take pajamas for instance...... I will wear them around the house and stuff, but before I go to bed... they have to come off. I don't want anything on my legs while I am sleeping. Tank tops and boy shorts are about all I can stand. My mom used to make me wear those horrible plastic footed pajamas as a little kid so perhaps this is where this whole issue comes from.
I have been wearing this bracelet for a couple of days now, and suddenly this afternoon, I wanted it off.... like right this minute I want it off or I am going to freak out type of thing. Well, the easy solution is to just take the dang thing off and be on my merry way. BUT..... the problem is that it is on my left wrist and the clasp is facing in such a way that I cannot get it off. I am going crazy!!!!! There is nobody around to help me and I want this thing off NOW!!! I swear to you that I am going down the street to the neighbors if I can't get this thing off soon.

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